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Welcome to Specialhitech

covert communication & surveillance

Specialhitech is the greatest manufacturer and seller in Europe, and we are sending our products fast, anywhere in the world.

Leader in design and manufacturing of spy micro earpiece UHF receiver, in-ear prompter, voice transmitter and bug microphone.

Our main goal is to make the smallest gadgets on the market of surveillance and spy equipment and to improve them all the time.

We are open to our customers needs and develop systems for everyone's specific requests.

The products that we make, can be used by/for :

  • security guards and surveillance
  • reporters
  • TV presenters
  • detectives
  • job interview
  • public speeches
  • hard exams
  • presentations
  • contests

Specialhitech is the best in the covert communications field, due to the applications we developed along time, serving the most diverse clients, like private investigators, detectives, reporters, students, politicians and other persons who needed the best covert ultra-secret communications and surveillance equipment.