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Transceiver, spy microphone and in-ear receiver MRF400-C
ID: RM007
Price: EUR 470

UHF FM secret communication system

With the spy UHF micro earpiece receiver, UHF wireless microphone transmitter and walkie-talkie

This invisible communication set consists of the spy Micro earpiece FM receiver MRF400-C, the UHF FM microphone spy transmitter SM003 and a compact walkie-talkie, with no wires on your body, no neckloop and no other accessories. This complete covert communication is undetectable and non jamming.

What is it for:

This covert communication system can be used in various situations, like politicians speech, TV presenter speaking, surveillance, presentations, interrogations or to cheat on the hardest exams.

How it works:

If you need to have an invisible communication with your partner, all you have to do is to put the spy earpiece into your ear canal, in order to hear your partner and to have the spy microphone near you, in order to speak to your partner. The partner will use the walkie-talkie to receive your voice and to transmit information back to you. Your partner can be at a maximum distance of up to 1000 meters in open field or less (max. 200 m in a building area).

This system cannot be jammed by GSM jammers and also the receiving signal cannot be detected.

The Duplex FM covert communication system package will contain:
  • Wireless RF Micro earpiece FM receiver MRF400-C, with one A10 battery
  • UHF FM spy mic transmitter, with one battery CR2450 (only if the customs allow us)
  • Compact walkie-talkie with: antenna, 3,7V Li-ion battery, belt clip, earphone/mic, battery charger and user manual.