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GSM transmitter and RF earpiece for infinite descreet communication
ID: GSM001
Price: EUR 690

GSM Intercom (GSM transmitter and RF Earpiece)

The GSM transmitter has automatic answer and 20 meters range to the RF earpiece!

This set replaces a bluetooth and a cellphone for the most discreet, infinite range communication. The user can have a phone conversation using this set: the RF earpiece in your ear and the GSM transmitter near or on a pocket.

The GSM transmitter has auto-answer function (for one selected phone number - it will ignore all the other incoming phone calls) and it transmits to the RF earpiece in the ear (the smallest one MRF400-B) from a distance of about 20 meters.

It also has a sensitive microphone incorporated, alowing to speak back to the partner (two way communication).

The battery of the GSM transmitter is rechargable and it holds about 5 hours.