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Hybride RF-GSM communication set with RF spy earpiece, spy pen and cellphone
ID: RC001
Price: EUR 900

Hybride RF - GSM set with infinite covert communication distance

You can now have a covert communication with the new sistem that combines the RF communication with the GSM communication.

What is it for:

This sistem combines the advantages of the undetectable covert RF spy earpiece in-ear receiver with the advantage of the infinite communication distance of the cell-phone.

The hybride sistem can be used in spaces where all mobile phone signals are jammed, because the RF signal cannot be jammed or detected and the connection with the cellphone is made outside of the jammed area.

The RF repeater can be placed within a distance of 200 meters.

How it works:

The hybride RF-GSM communication sistem is formed by the Spy pen transmitter and Spy earpiece in-ear receiver (for covert RF communication in the jammed area) and the repeater outside the jammed area with a cellphone.

The cellphone can be called from anywhere in the world and has the automatic answer set.

The repeater will take the signal from the cellphone and will transmit it to the covert in-ear receiver  (spy earpiece MRF400-B) and it also will receive the signal from the spy pen and transmit it to the cellphone.

The covert communication is made in two-way, just like a normal walkie-talkie conversation: when the person with the cellphone talks, you will hear his voice in your earpiece. And when the person on the cellphone will stop talking, you will have to turn on the spy pen and talk in it with your partener.

The pack will contain:

  • Spy earpiece in-ear receiver MRF400-B, with one battery A10
  • Spy pen transmitter SP001, with USB charger
  • 1 x RF transceiver with charger (as a repeater)
  • Cellphone with charger
  • Connection wire between the RF walkie-talkie and the cellphone