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Induction Micro Earpiece PRO VIP and Handsfree neckloop in the Spy Shop

This spy micro Earpiece PRO VIP, invisibile in the ear, is for hidden communications, in various situations: exams, presentations, reporters, secrete agents, etc.

This set works with your mobile phone, you just connect the handsfree to the phone and put the neckloop around your neck. The handsfree has incorporated a microphone on it. We usually have hands-free for Nokia cell phones. The handsfree can be replaced with a wire with 3.5 mm jack, that can be used to connect to a MP3 player or to a walkie-talkie.

Wireless Spy micro Earpiece PRO VIP specifications:

  • Dimension 11 x 5 x 3 mm Max

  • Volume Output 3 kHz 95 db

  • General Volume Output 1 kHz 98 db

  • Frequency 300Hz - 5kHz

  • Distortion Rate 0.5 % S/N Ratio

  • Battery type Zinc Battery 337

  • Battery Life 8 hours

  • Weight (incl. battery) only 0.4 g

Package includes:

  • 1 X micro spy earpiece PRO VIP

  • 1 X battery (LR337 or LR416)

  • 1 X neckloop with handsfree that you request for your cellphone (sony-erricson, nokia - you have to specify the model, or simple jack for mp3 player / walkie-talkie)

  • user instructions