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Specialhitech Spy Solutions with micro earpiece and voice transmitter

Design and manufacture of spy products


Specialhitech provides the highest quality professional spy solutions that can be developed from scratch, at the smallest sizes. See the UHF FM spy micro earpiece receiver, that is our top product.

All the microphone transmitter models and all the micro earpiece types are designed and manufactured by us.

If you don't find in our shop what you need, please contact us with your special request and we will think of a system for your needs, including any spy earpiece or transmitter.

Customised spy earpieces

We can make any earpiece on our website to fit exactly in your ear. They are made after your ear mould, and will have the exact shape of your ear canal.

For making this type of shell, we will need the ear-mould from you.

You can have an individual ear impression taken, usually done at your local audiologist, acoustician or hearing aid shop, in just 5 minutes, and then order a custom-molded covert earpiece, manufactured to fit the exact dimensions of your own ear canal.


Professional spy solutions

Our spy solutions are professional due to products small sizes, long range of wireless communication, smart design, high quality components, battery power and large area of applications they can be used for.

Our spy shop products feature high reliability, making them essential for professional usage, and they are available at a reasonable price.

Projects of earpieces and transmitters for sale

The projects of our products (all spy transmitters and all spy earpieces) are available for sale with PCB circuit and electrical diagram included. If interested, please contact us for more details.


Support for specific customer needs

We develop custom products and projects for specific customer needs. We can offer more than it's shown on our website. Also, the gadgets that we have can be used in various combinations.

If you don't find a system listed in our shop, that serves your specific needs, please let us know and we will think of a solution for you.

We also make the repairs to all types of micro earpieces.

Contact us!