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Smallest inductive micro earpiece in the world ! 3 x 11 mm ! Made in Europe !
Price: EUR 200

PRO VIP - Inductive Spy Micro Earpiece

This micro earpiece is not Chinese ! It is European, made by SpecialHitech, with high quality English components.

PRO VIP is the smallest inductive micro earpiece in the world, with the following dimensions: 11 mm long x 3 mm min. and 5 mm max. wide. We assure you that these dimensions are precise and real.

This is a spy earphone that is hidden deep into the ear canal, and it receives wirelles from the cellphone or MP3 player or walkie-talkie, with the help of an accessory. The accessory can be with a neckloop or without the neckloop: Handsfree neckloop, bluetooth neckloop, phone without neckloop and wallet without neckloop. We can make, on clients demand, neckloop with jack for MP3 player or walkie-talkie connection.

Wireless Inductive Spy micro Earpiece PRO VIP specifications:

  • Dimension 11 x 5 x 3 mm Max

  • Volume Output 3 kHz 95 db

  • General Volume Output 1 kHz 98 db

  • Frequency 300Hz - 5kHz

  • Distortion Rate 0.5 % S/N Ratio

  • Battery type Zinc Battery 337

  • Battery Life 8 hours

  • Weight (incl. battery) only 0.4 g

Package includes:

  • 1 X inductive spy micro earpiece PRO VIP

  • 1 X battery (LR337 or LR416)

  • user instructions

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