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Terms, payment and shipping

Our Micro Earpiece FM Receiver and the UHF FM Pen transmitter, are exclusive products, made only by us.

Please note that the receiving and transmitting distance for the Micro Earpiece FM receiver, for the UHF FM Pen Transmitter and for the Spy Bug microphone transmitter, may vary on different factors.

The results you obtain are depending very much on the power of the FM transceiver, antenna of the transceiver, height of the spot you are on, buildings and walls, trees and other obstacles between the transmitter and receiver, atmospheric conditions and other nearby radio station transmissions.


From our Store, we sell all over the world. The items will be shipped within three business days after receiving the payment. 

For the development of custom systems/products the payment is not refundable if, for any reason, you don't wish the product anymore. The cost of the development may be separate from the cost of the custom product itself.

We offer the possibility of chossing the payment method that suits the client best: Western Union, Money Gram, or bank transfer. If you want to use any of these payment methods, please sent us an email. If you want to make the payment by PayPal,  just use the shopping cart from the Shop.


Please, choose one shipping option from one product. If you wish more products of the same kind, add to cart one product with a shipping option and then add the rest of them with "Chosen from other product". Thank you for understanding.  

The shipping cost is:

  • 25 EUR by AIR MAIL, the transportation time is about 7-15 working days, depending on the destination it may take more days, sometimes
  • 39 EUR by EMS, 3-7 days
  • 112 EUR by UPS, 2-7 days
  • 98 EUR by DHL, 1-6 days

To avoid delay caused by delivery failure, please make sure that your detailed address, phone number and full name registered on your PayPal account are correct. If you you wish us to deliver the product to other addresss then the one you have on your PayPal account, please specify it when you make the payment at Paypal, at 'Instruction to merchant' section.

The phone number is mandatory for UPS, DHL and EMS shipping. If you don't provide it, we won't be able to send you the products on time.

If package returns from the Post Office, due to an address confusion or other unexpected situations, the buyer needs to pay for the shipping cost again for resending the parcel.

The tracking number will be sent to buyer's email after dispatching.

Is the client's duty to get informed of his country regulations on using our receiving - transmission devices: the transmission power, frequency or other restrictions.

Any customs duty that may apply to the products, will be paid by the buyer. Countries in European Union are custom duty free.

We take no responsabitily for any shipping delays due to the transportation company. With the national postage, it can take a few months to receive an answer about a lost parcel, that was sent either with the Air mail or EMS, depending on the destination's country.

For the more expensive products, we recommend the EMS, UPS or DHL shippings. 


All our products have 1 year warranty. The warranty is valid for electronic defects from manufacture or that occured on time, with no culpability from the customer.

We are the only ones who can make any changes or repaires to our communication systems or surveillance equipment, if any problems.

If the product is not working, it will have to be sent back to us, to establish to cause of the defect. Only after we establish the defect cause, we will repair it or we will replace it with another product.

We will not send any new products before we receive and establish the cause of the defect.

If you wish to return your product, by any reason, you will pay for any shippings that may have to be payed (sending to us / sending you other products).

The maximum time for sending us back a product for replacement, is 7 days after you received it.

If you wish to take pictures or other content from our website, please contact us first.


Thank you,

Specialhitech Spy Shop Team.