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Secret audio communication kit with walkie-talkie, UHF wallet and inductive spy micro earpiece PRO VIP


This new technology is irreplaceable in the situations where secret communication is needed. The extra small wireless spy micro earpiece PRO VIP let you receive all the necessary information in real time from your assistance without being noticed!

This model is actually a professional Wireless Spy Secret Service Earpiece for law enforcement, casino security and protection personnel.

The tiny earpiece fits into your ear and can receive audio instructions from your partner up to 3000 meters away. Just place the wallet receiver into your pocket to receive a 1-way wireless transmission from your partner on their walkie-talkie.

The most important thing, that really saves the situation, is the wireless spy earpiece PRO VIP, imperceptible to people arround you.

Suppose, you should make a difficult presentation about a new product, launched by your company, and because of limited preparation time you get into certain troubles memorizing a lot of information. In order to overcome this awkward situation you can use an aid – the inductive micro spy earpiece. You simply need to Put the wallet in the pocket, your colleague who will help you with the presentation by the walkie-talkie and you hear the answer clearly. The result is evident – ultimately, everyone wonders about your success and knowledge while you are fully satisfied with your handful device.


  • Excellent audio quality, absence of the noise.
  • Safety – it won’t damage you hearing since safe output levels.
  • Tiny size of the spy micro earpiece
  • The black color similar to ear’s inside natural darkness, hidden.

Walkie Talkie:

  • over 3000 m wireless range;

  • battery life: 15 Hours on 1 Battery Channel;

  • 16 channel;

  • max volume 93 @ 3kHz;

Wireless Earpiece PRO VIP:

  • Dimension 11 x 5 x 3 mm Max

  • Volume Output 3 kHz 95 db

  • General Volume Output 1 kHz 98 db

  • Frequency 300Hz - 5kHz

  • Distortion Rate 0.5 % S/N Ratio

  • Battery type Zinc Battery 337

  • Battery Life 8 hours

  • Weight (incl. battery) only 0.4 g

Package includes:

  • 1 X inductive micro spy earpiece PRO VIP

  • 1 X battery (LR337 or LR416)

  • 1 X Full range walkie-talkie with its accesories

  • 1 x charger

  • English manual