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What is a micro spy earpieceWhat is a spy microphone



What is a spy earpiece?

A miniatural assembly that enters in the ear canal and consists of an electronic circuit as a receiver and a speaker wich plays the sound.
The use of the micro spy earpiece is to receive secrete information.

Depending on the type of receiver a micro spy earpiece can be inductive or FM (modulated frequency).

spy-earpiece-inductive  The inductive micro spy earpiece is able to receive an audio frequency signal from a small distance of 20-50 cm. This type of spy earpiece can be used only with an intermediary induction accessory placed near the user or on his body.


FM spy earpiece

 The FM spy earpiece is able to receive a signal from a very big distance, of 200 - 1000 meters, from a transceiver. This kind of earpiece doesn't need any intermediary accessories on your body, in order to listen to your partner.



In our store you can find two different types of spy micro earpieces: the inductive micro earpiece PRO VIP and the UHF FM earpiece receiver. Find here the differences between them and compare:

Comparison parameters

Inductive earpiece (TX3)

FM earpiece (MRF400-B)

Frequency 200 Hz 5 Khz 432 MHz or other UHF frequency
Antenna neckloop or external accessories integrated antenna, no accessories needed
Receiver mode Magnetic induction UHF FM receiver (RF receiver)
Background noise filter none squelch
Connections mobile phone, mp3 player, walkie-talkie UHF transceiver
GSM jammer action affected not affected
Signal detection detectable undetectable
Metal detector test detectable because of the accesories undetectable
Store theft detector loud noise when near them silence when near them
Battery life 6 hours 48 hours
Battery type SR-416SW / 337, silver oxide A10 zinc air
Audio volume depends on the distance from the transmitter (neckloop) constant volume, no matter the distance from the transmitter
Dimensions 11 x 5 x 3 mm 12 x 6 x 6 mm
Electromagnetic interference  YES  NO