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What is a spy microphone?

It's a miniatural device that captures the sound (conversation from a room) and transmitts it by radio waves to a distance of up to 1000 meters. The information can be listened with a receiver live or recorded. It can also be called spy bug, microphone transmitter or spy transmitter.

spy microphone These spy microphone transmitters can be made in various shapes, depending on the purpose: they can be hidden inside plush toys, ashtrays, pens, outlets, or they can be placed on the furniture in the room or under it.

They can be powered from the outlets, from batteries or they can be rechargeable.

The spy microphone transmitter is used for various reasons when the truth is uncertain, when a secrete conversation is needed to be heard or recorded, when an employee or a boss is needed to be surveillanced.

Why an UHF FM spy bug transmitter is better than a GSM bug microphone? We made a comparation table:


GSM spy microphone

UHF FM spy microphone (SM003)

Authonomy 3 to 5 hours maximum 25 to 60 hours
Voice sensibility 3-4 meters 6-10 meters
Clarity bad very good

can be listened of the GSM operator,who detects your phone number and position

no traces to lead to you
Price 30-40 Euros 30 Euros
Transmision range no limits, but depending on the cellphone's company up to 1 km
Interferences Any broadcast radio, TV, audio system around it will make a laud noise like a buzzz no interferences